Saturday, August 1, 2015

On Demand Hot Pot from Szechuan House

Do you:
(1)  have to feed four or more people?
(2) live within the Queens delivery zone?
(3) have a portable butane stove?

The restauranteurs at Szechuan House have you covered. Thanks in part to their connection with a Flushing-based warehouse, you’ll get some of NYC’s choicest hotpot ingredients, sourced from the corners of Brooklyn and Long Island. 

Provide $20 to "rent" a stainless steel pot for your cook-off outing! Just return the pot in the same condition within a week to get back your collateral.

Even with five hungry people in tow, Flushing Food could not finish the $43.95 half-and-half hot pot (鴛鴦火鍋, or yuānyāng huǒguō). The below pictures suggest why: 

Pictured above are thinly-sliced beef, fresh crab (some with roe), fish balls, shrimp, beef tripe, fish cakes, fish dumplings, black fungus (黑木耳, or hēi mù'ěr), spinach, corn, Korean corn (has purple kernels resembling that of American maize), cabbage, lotus root, taro, clear (also “glass”) noodles, bean curd and bean curd sheets, pig’s blood, and golden mushrooms.

$11.95 fried capelin roe (奇味多春魚, or qi wei duo chun yu).

$18.95 spicy soft shell crab (麻辣軟壳蟹, or ma la ran ke xie).

$15.95 white tuna hot and sour soup (白吞拿魚酸辣湯, or bai tun na yu suanla tang).Pickled veggies and potent chili peppers pair with milky-textured white tuna. 

May Flushing Food suggest: using the code "SH5" at checkout to knock 5% off orders totaling over $50.00. 

Media credits: Helen Y.
Gadget: Sony® Cyber-shot™ DSC-RX100M2
Software: Fotor

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