Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dumpling Rising

Want handmade dumplings but not in basement settings? Try Dumpling Galaxy (42-35 Main Street, on first floor of Arcadia Mall). This newly-minted, above-ground space delivers the same caliber of made-to-order juiciness you’ve come to expect from Flushing-famous Tianjin Dumpling House.*

But don’t take Flushing Food’s word for it. New York Times and Times Ledger have already featured Helen You’s Dumpling Galaxy.

Dumpling Galaxy’s modern, fiery-red décor belies the menu complexity.**

Let’s say you order pork dumplings. Your pork dumpling options include cabbage, eggplant, lotus root, cucumber, green squash, string bean, pickled veggies, mushroom, hot peppers, bamboo shoots, bitter melon, and even pumpkin!

Flushing Food settled for some simple $6.95 pork and chives (豬肉韭菜, or zhūròu jiǔcài) dumplings:

Before the dumplings arrived, Flushing Food started out with $7.95 green bean noodle with assorted vegetables (大拉皮, or dà lā pí):

For veggies, our server recommended trying the $14.95 sautéed black wood ear mushroom with Chinese yam (木耳山藥, or mù'ěr shānyào).

Finally, we feasted our eyes and bellies on some $18.95 crispy sweet and sour fish (松花魚, or sōnghuā yú).

May Flushing Food suggest: ordering online if you’re spending under $30 to avoid paying for parking. 

* This is partially because the same owner, Helen, owns and manages both dumpling restaurants.
** —As you’ve come to expect from Tianjin Dumpling House (also "Tianjin Handmade Dumpling").

Media credits: Helen Y.
Gadget: Sony® Cyber-shot™ DSC-RX100M2 


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