Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Short and Sweet Return

It's gotten a bit warmer since Flushing Food's last visit to Sentosa. Naturally, we were craving a Malaysian spin on shaved ice desserts

Sentosa's ABC (or in Penang, air batu campur; also known as ais kacang) satisfied our sweet/cold tooth (teeth? tooths?) to the max:

$4.00 yields this concoction of shaved ice with red bean, corn, palm seed, 
a mix of chewy Asia-sourced jellies, red rose syrup, and coconut milk.

And for you Taiwanese Americans, remember  the prepackaged boxes of apricot-based, coconut-flavored annin tofu (杏仁豆腐, or xingrendoufu) that Mom or Dad served in summers past?

Substitute agar in for pre-packaged gelatin. Re-package the pudding within a young fresh coconut, and you get something like this:

$9.00 for this glorious monstrosity of coconut pudding AND coconut meat.

For drinks, ask for an Malaysian iced coffee. Think of this drink as a stronger brew than other Asian counterparts, swirled together with condensed milk and a dash of sugar. Or for something with a cooling effect, try some lychee*:

$4.00 lychee drink and $3.50 Malaysian iced coffee.

May Flushing Food suggest: scraping every last bit of tender coconut meat out of the shell. 

* Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM") maintains that lychee "increases yin fluids and stops thirst, [and] supplements spleen qi." ...Translation? Basically, lychee helps your body combat heat-induced dryness (yin deficiency) and thirst. Source: Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine: The Treatment of Disease with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Volume 2 (2003), Spleen and Stomach, at p. 896. 

Media: Helen Y.
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