Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Asian Gourmet: Healthy Pan-Asian Fusion Plus Tennis

Where can you munch on everything from pad thai to chicken satay to lo mein to sushi, while watching Tennis Channel?

One answer is Asian Gourmet. Since 2007, this fusion restaurant has been largely frequented by New York Hospital Queens staff looking for a fix of something both healthy and tasty.

Vietnamese-American owner (and Rafael Nadal fan) Steve makes sure that you arrive to clean, informal surroundings.  Asian Gourmet boasts blue fluorescent lights, upbeat Spotify playlists, and a tourney or two on the flat screen television.  

While watching Marin Cilic play against Florian Mayer in the 2015 Monte Carlo, Flushing Food started out with some $5.95 shrimp summer rolls. Despite the sheer rice paper, these refreshing pillows of lettuce, shrimp, and vermicelli stayed perfectly in place between bites. The peanut sauce added the perfect amount of sweet flair to these appetizing treats:

Next up was an order of the $9.95 tom yum seafood noodle soup. The broth had the perfect amount of tang, which finished with the hint of cilantro with each sip. $9.95 is a bit steeper than other local restaurants, but Asian Gourmet’s cooks are very generous with the calamari, scallop, and shrimp. Rice vermicelli, tomato wedges, and mushrooms make this a healthy lunch option.

Finally, dessert was the (not yet on menu!) $5.95 green detox juice. This vitamin C-laden cocktail contained one entire green apple, cucumber, celery, green pepper, bitter melon (kǔguā, or 苦瓜), topped off with some lime and mint leaves.

Game, set, match for a healthy Pan-Asian dining experience! 

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