Thursday, February 26, 2015


—Why not both? Japanese creperie T-Swirl Crepe serves up twenty-two choices of Asian-style crepes at its 40-08 Union Street location (right next-door to Gong Cha).


Cashiers cheerfully greet guests upon arriving with a pamphlet of T-Swirl’s eleven “sweet crepe” and eleven “salad crepe” options. Seating is extremely limited, so mentally prepare yourself to stand and eat during peak hours. You’ll likely be tussling for seats alongside high school students, college students, and young mothers with toddlers.

On the plus side, the dark woods surfaces counterbalance the illuminating full-length glass window at the storefront.


See more tranquil gallery pictures here, compliments of T-Swirl Crepe

As for the crepes? Flushing Food’s two choices were generously-stuffed cone-shaped cocktails of flavor. Prices are significantly higher than at other Flushing meal stops, with crepes averaging $7.27 per serving.* But in exchange, T-Swirl’s patrons get freshly-made, healthy (at least, gluten-free) handheld meals that easily fill up an empty stomach.

We sampled the two choices: the matcha chocolate truffles ($7.00) and the seaweed crab meat ($7.75) crepe options.

Our seaweed crab meat crepe was crispy, pulled together with a tangy-sweet sauce. There was plenty of seaweed, which we love. However, we’d ask for more crab meat in lieu of “tofu rectangles” on our next visit. For the name, we were expecting much more crab meat.


The winner was definitely our sweet crepe! Matcha chocolate truffle was brimming with fresh strawberries and whipped yogurt, adding some balancing tart notes on top of the decadent chocolate sauce and truffles.


May Flushing Food suggest: grabbing a stamp card! Every nine crepes grants you a free tenth of your choosing.**

* Figure as of February 2015. Range of prices is between $5.50 to $7.95, with the $5.50 as an outlier.

Media credits: Helen Y.
Gadget: Nikon® Coolpix™ AW110


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